Sediakan tisu...sebelum tengok video ni

semalam petang...bukak FB jab..
saja jengah..
sekali tgk..ada video..Kak Ayu Rafikah share..
saja la klik..
sediakan tisu yer kengkawan.....
wife dia meninggal...dlm accident ..dia dpt idea ni dr one of other blogger 
"When Brazilian blogger Rafael Del Col’s lost his wife to a tragic car accident, it was obviously hard on him and his 2-year-old daughter, Raisinha. But for this grieving father-daughter duo, the mourning process became a little more bearable when Raphael turned to photography to help them cope with their loss.
Rafael got the idea after seeing some photos online. Fellow blogger Ben Nunery, whose wife had also passed away, recreated his wedding photos with his 3-year-old daughter standing in for his late wife. Inspired, Rafael decided to pay tribute to his wife in the same way. So with his wedding photos in hand, Rafael and Raisinha (and the family dog) headed to the photo studio to recreate the photo shoot.
The results? Grab a box of tissues and see for yourself in the tear jerking video below!"
cedih kan?
Mummy Ayu nangis sedu2..tgk video ni
tambah2 part ending nya
sakit rasa dada

anak dia.comel sangat & sgt ceria
and.....she's look like her late mother
rantai yg sama..
heels yg sama

dari mamat nie la dia dpt idea..

nie pun sweet....
and sgt menyentuh perasaan..


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