Melur & Thyme....our second time.

cita jumaat lepas...
lunch..of coz la ngan Net..
jumaat la hari kami berjimba2..

kami gie Nu Sentra jer
and..kami makan kat....
Melur & Thyme..

second time makan kat sini
1st time dtg pun..memang puas hati sangat
so..nie kali kedua
and..for sure akan dtg lagi dan lagi ..
sbb banyak menu menariks yg kami nak try..

jumaat lepas..

Mummy Ayu makan ni...
Grilled Herbs Chicken ~
Boneless chicken breast marinated with thyme and spices, sous vide to perfection and served with vegetables, mash potato, cilantro garlic oil and thyme sauce

and Net plak....
Salmon Crockets ~
Rolled mashed potato and salmon covered with bread crumbs and fried till crisp

and..for dessert
sama mcm hari tu..kami nak try FERRERO ROCHER PANNACOTTA but...still tak ada
(emmmm....this is one of the reason we need to comeback
 and try the pannacotta coz its sounds yummy)
so...kami pilih durian tiramisu
which is....cedapppsss!! usual la kami
ice lemon tea

and..pas makan..

memang puas hati..
foods - sedap!!
service - tip top & cepat!!
harga - reasonable!!

harus dtg lagi sini
sbb banyak lagi yg kami nak cuba!!

# sama mcm minggu lepas..
lupa nak snap2..

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