From Woops......

minggu lepas..
sampai dah yg Mummy Ayu tunggu

kali ni..bukan order or beli online
but dpt free..
hadiah tau
dari Woops...

Castrol Magnetic Mini Tool Box
comel kan?
mcm botal minyak bentuknya
its a tool box
mini tool box

suka sangat
sbb dapat jugak ...
lama gak kumpul markah 
and... dapat jugak..

emm...maybe ada yg tertanya-tanya
~ apa tu woop?
~ kumpul markah?
~ dapat hadiah?

ok..meh Mummy Ayu story & share ok...
WOOP....stand for Women Of Opinion

"WOOP is a word-of-mouth (WOM) community for a variety of products and services. In simple terms, we are a community who loves to share great product and services experiences with each other."

We connect women of opinion with interesting products and brands.

At WOOP we believe women like you can help companies make better products
and do better marketing. We want you to try new and interesting products
, learn new facts and tips about getting the most out of these products and to talk openly
and honestly about them with your friends. Simple, easy, honest and we also make it fun.

menariks kan?
di WOOP....diaorang nie share brands & products
and..diaorang buat soalan2 & kajian mengenai product tu
pas tu..ada gak kita diminta share di media sosial.. products2 tu
or..ada gak mission2..yg kita kena buat
and...sbg rewards... kita diberi points..
and..kumpul banyak2 points tu
and..leh redeem hadiah2 yg menariks.. mcm Mummy Ayu dpat nie..

best & senang kan?
A: It’s very, very simple. 
  • You get invited to campaigns to try new products and services for free, or at a discount.
  • You share your honest opinion about them via fun tasks we call “missions”.
  • You get points for doing missions.
  • You redeem your points for rewards.
In short, try new products and share your honest opinion with friends and with the companies who make these products, and get rewarded for it. Cool, isn’t it?!

nak join?
just klik kat sini
and.. follow jer arahan kat situ
leh daftar guna FB kita...pun senang gak

pas tu..just buat daily mission or big mission 
leh mula collect points

daily mission nie..more ke soalan2 simple
big mission nie... selalunya melibatkan kita share pic
share & tag
tgk video & share kat Fb
and..di big mission..banyak lagi points yg kita leh dpt..

selain dr mini magnetic tools tu..
Mummy Ayu pernah dpr dr rexona..
and....dari vasaline

yes...its FOC

terbaru dr Soflan..

ada la soalan2 dr soflan
and... for big mission
Mummy Ayu baru buat nie.....
simple jer..

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