Disney Junior Asia ~ Animate your imagination - Secret Garden

malam semalam..
gigih la layan budak dua orang nie..main melukis & warna2...
suka la masing2...
siap berapron bagai
layankan jer la

yg betul2 nya..sorang jer
nie princess bam bam Mummy Ayu nie
dok la suruh dia siapkan lukisan dia
untuk Mummy Ayu menjoinkan dia 
lama dah dok plan...
idea pun dah ada
but..dok tangguh2..
malam semalam..kena siapkan juga
sbb hari ni nak submit

Abang Ian..pun sama membusykan diri
okay jer...

kejab jer..diaorang buat sbb dah ada idea
but..tak la cantik mana hasil lukisannya
tapi..boleh faham..kan?
jalan ceritanya... yg Mummy Ayu dah submit tadi....
Title ~ Secret Garden. 
This story is about .....deep in the forest, there are one beautiful secret garden. 
Every night...a few of the flowers in that garden turn into a princess.
 This is because....they are under a curse of one bad witch. 
The witch is the owner of the garden..get angry when the princess play around the garden until its dirty and mess so..the witch curse the princess. 

To undo the spell, they need to be found by somebody.
 But its way too possible because the garden in deep deep in the forest. 
Until one day, the secret garden been found by Princess Sofia..
who is got lost from her family while camping. 
So ...Princess Sofia manage to release the princess from the curse. 
They became friend with Princess Sofia and went home to their own castle. 
~the end~

sowie la..english pun broken
he he he..
nie rainbow Iris lukis
excited lak dia nak buat rainbow
and hasilnya..not bad kan

sapa2 nak join..
sempat lagi nie
senang jer caranya..
3 cerita yg terpilih akan direalitikan and ditayangkan di Disney Junior

so..jom try .. be creative!!
Animate Your Imagination - Hero - ID

good luck!!!

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