I get my self Mother Day gift too!!

seperti yg Mummy Ayu story on my Happy Mother's Day entry tu
nak beli hadiah for diri sendiri
pas tu suruh Ian yg kasi
i did it!!!
but tak de la balut balut
or suruh Ian kasi
just beli untuk diri sendiri
coz I deserve it!!!
FM..# 1 Mom
yes..we all are # 1 MOM!!!
cantik tak?
balik nak letak kat umah....
p/s:- entry makan makan ari nie..
my BFF yg buat..but will copy dr dia nanti ...
tadi kami mamam Pizza Hut..yum yum!

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I am Mummy Ayu And obviously I am a mummy of two kids, Ian and Iris. This blog is like my diary. Its contain my life story, my kids, my passions,my hobbies, my friends, my cooks and many more.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Ayu....
    lawa FM tu, Daneen kata lawa color girl ni hehehe

  2. nieda ~ happy mothers day dear!!

    Mummy Dasy ~ happy mothers day dear!!
    lawa color girl nie???

    nieylemi ~ happy mothers day dear!!


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