"Man vs Child: Chef Showdown "

Mummy Ayu nie kan ex chef..
so..rancangan masak2..mcm Masterchef, Junior Masterchef..memang fav prog Mummy Ayu
and..coming soon.... satu lagi prog baru..yg Mummy Ayu tak sabar2 nak layan..

"Man vs Child: Chef Showdown"
di Astro Lifetime (channel 709) 
premieres pada 26 Januari nie..jam 7 malam...
emmm...menariks kan..
bebudak..lawan masak ngan chef2 dewasa
mesti mcm2 ragam...

and..budak perempuan yg cute mute ni.. Little Estie
peserta termuda dalam rancangan nie..berusia 8 tahun
big fan of Harry Potter
dia suka tgk Gordan Ramsay masak
and..dia mula menunjukkan minat dalam bidang masakan sejak kecil lagi
Estie juga bercita2 utk menulis buku masakan nya sendiri..utk dikongsikan dengan kanak2 lain
kalau nak jumpa..face to face ngan Little Estie..
datang lah ke Sunway Pyramid...16 Januari 2016, hari Sabtu ni
di Water Feature Area, Ground Floor (berhampiran dengan ice skating area)
bermula jam 12 tengahari
boleh la berjumpa sendiri..dengan Estie...
  this extraordinary child live in action
di Man vs Child: Chef Showdown event, 
will be hosted by the lovely and lively Azura Zainal
Entrance is free!
Jom kita...ramai2...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown is an A+E Networks® original format and we think it will really resonate with the audiences in Asia. Child prodigies and cooking competition shows have already proven their popularity on Lifetime and this show has both of those ingredients (pun intended)! It’s wholesome entertainment for the entire family in a region where people are passionate about their food. We’re launching our More Than #JustAKid campaign in celebration of children on Lifetime. Our aim is to showcase exceptional kids who prove that what young ones lack in experience, they make up for with creativity and enthusiasm. If given the chance, children will usually exceed expectations of grown-ups,” said Michele Schofield, Senior Vice President, Programming & Production, A+E Networks Asia.

Catch Estie on Man vs Child: Chef Showdown which premieres on 26 January at 7 pm, exclusively on Lifetime (Astro Ch 709). In each nail-biting episode, watch young chefs aged 7-14 pit their considerable skills against fully-trained and accomplished chefs – the results are sure to surprise you! 

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