Any suggestion???

ada cadangan tak?
soalan..tak boleh blah
mcm yer yer jer

sebenarnya..saj anak tanya kengkawan
ada tak cadangan or suggestion
cita korea yg best2..utk Mummy Ayu layan
he he he..
lepas cita Oh My Venus tu
tak tau nak tgk cita apa
and..tak de layan mana2 pun cita korea
kat astro...masin ongoing cita..
Six Flying Dragon
Six Flying Dragons
tapi..tak minat sgt 
sbb cita nie zaman dulu2
and banyak action sgt

tgk kat good drama...
ada gak dua, tiga cita baru
but..tak mula layan lagi
and..tak tau la best ker tak...

Cheese in the Trap
Cheese in the Trap
meh baca sikit sinopisnya...
Hong Seol and Yoo Jung attend the same college, but they couldn't be more different. Hong Seol is a poor, unpopular student with no money, while Yoo Jung is rich, well-liked, extremely smart, and popular. Hong Seol just wants to get through her college career quietly, but finds herself getting caught up in whatever Yoo Jung drags her into. Can Hong Seol break away, or will she continue to be the only person who sees Yoo Jung's true self?
mcm ok gak
cita nie..komedi & romance
emmm...ada yg dah tgk lum?
cita ni..baru 4 episod gak..tapi online la..takde kat astro

lagi satu cita yg baru kuar..
Moorim School
Moorim School
nie pun cita action, but ada drama & romance gak..katanya la
The Moorim School isn't focused solely on high academic scores.
 The school teaches its students virtues including honesty, faith, sacrifice and communication. The teachers and students at the school come from different countries
 and each have their own stories.
emm...mcm mistik skt pun ada...
cita ni..baru start minggu ni
baru 2 episod
and..cita ni

tu la...ada idea tak?
nak layan cita apa yer?

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  1. akak try tengok oh my ghostness,healer,the girl who can sees smell,white christmas,birth of a beauty and banyak lagi hahaha . try ah tgk kak. mmg best :)


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