Secret Garden

malas last..
khamis malam..
pas dinner...
Mummy Ayu kuar lagi
dekat je but x pernah gi sini
so...malam last kena la gi
with all the ladies
usual suspects...
plus Iris & Nadine
cantik tempat
foods pun sedap

tapi sbb dah makan dinner
just minum juices and

tq so much girls!!!
for always be there for me & my kids
hope our friendship will last forever

tak abis lagi...
emmm...ada 1 lagi aktiviti 
ke mana???

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I am Mummy Ayu And obviously I am a mummy of two kids, Ian and Iris. This blog is like my diary. Its contain my life story, my kids, my passions,my hobbies, my friends, my cooks and many more.


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