Father's Day

semalam petang
simple celebration...
sempena father's day...
coffee cake
yum yum!!!

Happy Father's Day...
buat lelaki pertama yang dicintai..
oleh Mummy Ayu
and of coz...semua yg bergelar anak...

Happy Father's Day ... Ayah

and also...to my FIL...Abah 
my 💔... Didi (Al Fatihah)
my brother...
Ewan, Apiq, Dido...

and also my bro in law..
Abg Azhar, Iqbal, Faizal

About mummy_ayu

I am Mummy Ayu And obviously I am a mummy of two kids, Ian and Iris. This blog is like my diary. Its contain my life story, my kids, my passions,my hobbies, my friends, my cooks and many more.


  1. HFD to all.. May Allah keep blessing them. Ameen

  2. sedap nmpk kek tu..sronok bapa2 yg di rai

  3. Fathers are special to us.. Sedap kek tu!

  4. Happy fathers day to all fathers in the world..

  5. Happy Fathers Day untuk semua bapa hebat dalam dunia ni


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