Makha Bucha Day ~ Public Holiday

salam selasa
good morning semua

hari ni..Ian & Iris tak sekolah
public holiday
so...dapnya tgk diaorang bergolek lago dalm selimut
napa la opis tak cuti jugak ek?
sbb ada PH Malaysia nak amik jugak, PH Thailand amik yg mana perlu je
so...kena bahagi2 kasi adil yer
dah tau jawapan..lagi nak tanya
he he

jom kita baca & tau serba sikit
apa itu makha bucha day
Makha Bucha is one of the 4 most important 
Theravada Buddhist holidays in Thailand.
 It takes place on the full moon day of the 3rd lunar month, 
which coincides with either February or March.
  It is a national holiday, allowing a full day for Buddhist devotees 
to attend religious ceremonies at temples. 
A lot of Thais observe the 5 and 8 moral precepts on the day.
 If you visit Thailand during Makha Bucha, 
keep in mind there are do’s and don’ts.

Do’s and Don’ts on Makha Bucha Day

  • Although Makha Bucha is a national holiday, banks and commercial centers are open.
  • No alcohol for sale, from midnight to midnight of the holy day, meaning you cannot buy alcohol from convenient stores and bars. Pubs and bars are closed. However, if you really want to go out, hotel bars serve alcohol.
  • When you visit a temple to observe religious ceremonies, keep your voice down. Code of behaviors for temple visits applies.
for details...leh baca kat sini 
mana la tau..nak jenjalan holiday Thailand...
sekali ada cuti makha bucha day, tau la jugak apa cerita kan

wah..mcm2 gak yer
but ye la..kepercayaan diaorang
kami kat sini
keja mcm biasa je
budak2 je cuti sekolah 


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  1. Pergi tempat orang kenalah hormat kebudayaan mereka kan mummy.. Seronoklah anak-anak bergolek dalam selimut..


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