Ice cream time

I am not big fan of ice cream
(but big fan to coffee & choc)

one in a while, baru craving...nak ice cream
and of coz..choc ice cream
semalam balik keja..singgah petronas nak kuarkan duit
nampak ice cream..beli la
one for me...
one for Ian...
one for Iris...

mine choc of coz
so Ian & Iris pilih antara kit kat or oreo

malam..pas dinner..layan ice cream kami
yum yum
Mummy  - choc
Ian - kit kat
Iris - oreo


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I am Mummy Ayu And obviously I am a mummy of two kids, Ian and Iris. This blog is like my diary. Its contain my life story, my kids, my passions,my hobbies, my friends, my cooks and many more.


  1. bestnya , tak pernah try kitkat dgn drumstick tu

  2. dulu aku suka choc ice bila usia dh banyak ni i'll go for something soury..


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