Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest @ My B.E.T.T.Y.ful Soul

Macam semalam gak
nak join contest las minit kali ni
for my hero Ian
contest Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest
baru juga kenal dari my giveaway blog
so inilah penyertaan saya...
pic nie waktu birthday my hero 3 tahun
Muhammad Adrian Zikri
pada 3 Februari 2009 yang lalu...
time nie, dia tiup lilin tak padam padam
tak tau pasal apa
maybe malu pasal ramai sangat orang kot!
sambil tu, hero mummy nie control-control gak...
control hensem ker?
mulut je beria muncung nak tipu,
mata mandang tempat lain...
(time ni Iris tido, tu pasal tak nampak princess tu)
As usual, syarat-syaratnye:-
(copy & paste dar blog My B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul.Blog
1. Follow bettYone @ My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul.Blog - add bettYone to your blogroll. ~ done!
2. Post an entry about -: : Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest : : ~ done!
3. Upload one (1) photo showing your most hilarious birthday moments with a creative written description of the photo. ~ done!
4. Place the contest button on your blog sidebar. ~ done!
6. Drop me a comment with the link to your contest entry. ~ will do!
So..sekian, entry last minit lagi hari ini...


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