Lots of good luck for my sis & my bro!!!

this entry dedicated for both..
my sis ... Syhra
my bro ... Apiq
hari nie dua2 akan mula exam
Syhra..final for this sem exam kat Poly PD
& Apiq..SPM...exam yg menentukan his future

lots of good luck from Along ker....
you can do it!!!

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I am Mummy Ayu And obviously I am a mummy of two kids, Ian and Iris. This blog is like my diary. Its contain my life story, my kids, my passions,my hobbies, my friends, my cooks and many more.


  1. good luck adik2 mummy ayu..do the best...

  2. good luck untuk dua orang adik mummy ayu yang hebat....

  3. gud lux!

    btw, adik pompuan mummy ayu cam muka nana la ;)


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