Layan cita hindustan malam semalam.....lebih kurang ngan cita Inggeris plak....

setiap malam rabu..
Mummy Ayu layan gak cita hindustan kat tv 2
kadang2 best gak
cita nie
tgk ker?
bila baca kat info astro..aik..
mcm satu cita mat saleh nie
so...layan je la..
ok gak la...
sinopsis yg Mummy Ayu google.......

Twelve-year old Mickey Mehra lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Simla along with his father, Vikas, mother, Nisha, and sister, Mini. He is friendly with Bonny and Hitchcock, has a crush on 22-year old Mitika, and wishes that he was older so that he could woo and marry her. Hitchcock takes him to a wishing well, asks him to make a wish, and shortly thereafter Mickey turns into a six-foot tall 22-year old male. He leaves home hurriedly, moves in with Bonny, gets hired by Tiku Malhotra, acquaints himself with Mitika and both fall in love with each other. Complications arise when his distraught parents face bankruptcy, while his wish is on the verge of expiry - reverting him back to being a 12-year old again - with no chance of ever getting married to his sweetheart.

boleh agak tak..mcm cita apa?
yg Mummy Ayu teringat sekali.....
mcm cita nie...
sinopsis yg Mummy Ayu google....

After total humiliation at her thirteenth birthday party, Jenna Rink wants to just hide until she's thirty. Thanks to some wishing dust, Jenna's prayer has been answered. With a knockout body, a dream apartment, a fabulous wardrobe, an athlete boyfriend, a dream job, and superstar friends, this can't be a better life. Unfortunetly, Jenna realizes that this is not what she wanted. The only one that she needs is her childhood best friend, Matt, a boy that she thought destroyed her party. But when she finds him, he's a grown up, and not the same person that she knew.

persamaannya & perbezaannya
~ yg cita hindustan nie lelaki,
cita mat salih nie perempuan
~ yg cita hindustan tu..dr umur 12 ke 22 tahun,
yg cita mat salih nie..dr umur 13 ke 30 tahun
sbb mereka jadi besar
~ yg hindustan nie sbb perempuan,
yg cita mat salih nie...sbb maruah & kerjaya

walalupun nampak mcm ada persamaan...
tapi sebenarnya byk gak beza

tapi ok gak la..
layan jer..
sbb takde cita lain yg best
kengkawan..tgk ker?

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  1. citer hindustan yang paling along suka MASS....

  2. Ooo cite ni ke yang budak2 duk layan semalam. patut lahh sakan je gelak2 masing2. hhu

  3. hai..salam perkenalan. 1st time singgah blog ni. semlm tgk sekejap je cite ni, tp mcm x best je kan. so, tukar channel lain. (saya mmg peminat setia film hindustan, tp memilih gak, tgk hero heroin jugak la) hehehehe..

  4. hahahahah.. kalau saya memang tak berapa nak layan hindustan2 ni... apa lagi kalau malam.. hehehehehe.. :)

  5. Citer ni sama dengan satu citer Tom Hanks berlakon. Tak ingat tajuk apa. Tapi heroin hindustan tu lawa la..


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